On September 8th the day began with the most unreal images. The sky was completely red with a slight ray of sunshine hitting the top edges of tress. The images were followed quickly by terror as we had to leave our home quickly. The video has no filters at all. All images appear as they did with no alterations. Take a glimpse into what it was like to drive away from our home and towards a safer area. 

Official Welcome to World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe's Website

Welcome to the official website for World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe.  From traveling the world and playing with musicians on several continents to leading The Pangean Orchestra, writing music for TV, and other fun projects like the very new and calming "Prayer Garden" you will find all the World Maestro's projects here. 

If you already follow Colin on Instagram than you've seen previews of what is to come in '20. If not, follow him now @worldmaestro 

Newest Project: The Prayer Garden 
Can be found at: www.cobaltbluemedia.biz 

or on Instagram 

Dream CPR - Music for stress relief and sleep

Watch The Pangean Orchestra led by World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe

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