Colin O'Donohoe - World Maestro -  has been traveling the globe to meet and record with several talented musicians. . In early 2020, videos and music of his travels in Mongolia, Turkey,, South Korea, and Japan will be released. 

If you already follow Colin on Instagram than you've seen previews of what is to come in '20. If not, follow him now @worldmaestro 

'Tis the Season! During a break from the road, World Maestro took very traditional Christmas songs and recorded them in a laid back, relaxed manner. Take a listen. 

Olde Christmas Classics - The Serenity Mixes

World Maestro

World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe takes famous classics of Christmas and performs them in an intimate chilled atmosphere.

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See the 2010 Documentary about World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe leading The Pangean Orchestra into their Inaugural concert at Phoenix Symphony Hall!

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