Colin O'Donohoe is an American composer, performer, and band leader based in Antalya, Turkey.  Colin O'Donohoe has conducted orchestras comprised of some truly exotic instruments, garnering him the title of "World Maestro". Since 2011, World Maestro's music has appeared on"The  Dr. Oz Show",  "Access Hollywood", and many others.He also has performed internationally with performances in Times Square for "Good Morning America", and a newly commissioned work for the orchestra of Kusadasi Turkey. 

While EDM and Dubstep are genres in which he has worked extensively over the years for many television networks, the project he is most celebrated for is "The Pangean Orchestra". First formed in 2009 in Phoenix Arizona with a branch in New York City; The Pangean Orchestra is now set to perform internationally with concerts planned for Istanbul Turkey. 


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