This piece is very nyc for me. Taking the subway to various places might not be anyones favorite thing to do, but it is pretty efficient.
For my non NYC friends, when you get inside the train car of the NY subway you'll probably hear a lot of different things: beggars, various conversations, the scuttle of shoes against the floor, people cramming themselves closer together than they'd prefer... you'll also hear a pretty clear voice say "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please" followed by the sound of.... closing doors.
Some subway trips are pleasant, some aren't. Most are non-eventful and often boring trips from point a to point b shared with strangers entering and exit as you wait for your stop and listen to your favorite music (probably me)
until next week, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please -
I guess, I should leave this without saying that I wondered if the phrase could be extrapolated into other parts of our life. Should we really stay clear of a closing door, or should we as some passengers do, dive straight into the closing door so they don't have to wait for the next train. Certainly for the random passenger who ignored the phrase and jammed one arm into the closing door forcing it open benefited from making it to his/her destination a few minutes earlier than if he/she had stood clear of the closing door. Maybe sometimes a closing door is your last opportunity and you have to dive towards it? idk, just thinking...