This piece was inspired by a drink which was inspired by a song. I was listening to Tom Waits on the subway to meet a friend and the song "Warm Beer Cold Women" came on. In the song Waits sings a line about Gin and Vermouth.
Later that evening we were in a nice place where you just don't order beer. I thought about what I'd like to drink and though, "what the heck" so I ordered Gin and Vermouth.
Did I like it? Yeah, I guess so. I'll order it again.
In the meantime I just loved the idea of it and so it inspired me to write this.
While you are listening, try to imagine yourself in a fancy candle lit club in lower manhattan where people dress nice, wear sports coats, talk about.... whatever it is they talk about. Imagine sitting down with a good friend or your mate and ordering yourself a "gin and Vermouth"