World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe's list of recent appearances

World Maestro continues to be invited onto great podcasts to discuss music history, instruments around the world, and provide advice on continuing a career as a composer and musician in our current times. 


- P O D C A S T S - 

Bobby Oswinski's Inner Circle: 

Inner Circle is a fantastic program where composers and songwriters are interviewed weekly. Listen to World Maestro explain some complex music topics in easy to understand ways. Great show for aspiring musicians!

Dharmic Evolution:


It is always great to speak with James Kevin O'Connor. On this latest interview we dive into many aspects of music as well as the inspiration and techniques used in The Prayer Garden. 


I was so honored to be a guest on The Drum History Podcast hosted by Bart Vanderzee. We discussed the role of percussion around the world in different musical traditions. 

"Colin O'Donohoe AKA "World Maestro" has had extensive travels and played with musicians across the globe where he has learned the history of many amazing percussive instruments and techniques. He brings his first hand experience to all of the cultures and techniques that he discusses in this episode and it really brings everything to life." -Bart Vanderzee

On this show hosted by Brian Funk, we go deep into music discussing a lot of interesting topics.
"Colin spoke about his musical background and education, and how that led him to his work today. I appreciated his deep respect for diverse musical cultures and his efforts to preserve them. Colin shared practical information about composing and producing music." -Brian Funk


In the News - 

The Pangean Orchestra led by World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe. Below is the link for the latest article covering The Pangean Orchestra's new 501c3 status and plans for 2021. 

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