"Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in" from my favorite book "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau
- -
"I seek to stretch time over time, test the realms of possibility and seek to inspire others to do the same!"
-Colin O'Donohoe 2015

Opus 52 World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe
Opus 52 Forty Eight "Ugly's Alibi"

I was inspired for the title of this by the politics that is bringing us into the Primary season. There is so much ugliness going on, and we are the alibi. We are allowing the ugliness to exist while we gasp we read on anyway. 

The music is in 48/4 - pretty simple week for pretty simple-minded ugliness. 

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The "Opus 52" project explained - 

In 2015 World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe is undertaking an incredibly exciting project!!
At the end of each week this year he will release here on this website a piece of music in the meter of the week. 
Example - 
After the first week of January, he'll post a piece in 1. 
After the second week, a piece in 2. Perhaps cut time, perhaps 2/4 - you'll have to check back :)
After the 14th week of the year, he'll post a piece in 14. It might be 14/8 14/4, 14/16... you'll just have to keep checking in once a week to hear what he's done.

The true challenges will come in weeks like 37 and 41, it will be a fun project for all involved. 

will range from electronica to world instruments to classical instruments and more. 

What does Opus mean?
Opus is just another word for work number. Several composers have an Opus 52. It is normally just one work. They use the word Opus to catalog their works. 
I decided to use it in a slightly different way. It is my work of the year and comes in 52 parts. 

The "Club Opus" list

Get several free mp3s during the year as a member of "Club Opus". This is a groundbreaking year, and you'll be part of it. Enjoy!