Colin O'Donohoe's bio

Born in New York, USA - World Maestro has been composing and performing internationally for almost two decades. His range of music spans from several electronica compositions for television to classical music for international orchestras, to ensembles he has led such as "New Moon Orchestra" (Pittsburgh, PA) and "The Pangean Orchestra" (International).   

If you live in N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, or Australia then his music has been on your TV. 

Starting at a young age it was clear that Colin O'Donohoe would be a musician. 

His main instrument has always been the Drum Set, which he first studied at Eastman School of Music (when he was 14) to percussion he studied in Turkey, Native American Flutes he studied in Arizona, and the instrument of his heritage: the Tin Whistle which he studied in Ireland. 

Among his amazing television credits which are lengthy and include household names like "Dr. Oz", "Good Morning America", and "Access Hollywood" he has also written for Sri Lankan singer Ruksham Mark, the Indonesian film "Earthbound", and composed commissioned work for The Kusadasi Orchestra in Turkey. 

Fast forward to his formative years as a teenager and O'Donohoe admits less than noble reasons to become a musician "I wanted a girlfriend, my friends wanted girlfriends, so we bought instruments and formed a rock band." 


Soon after that, he began to study through Eastman School of Music's Rich Thompson. He started practicing 4 hours a day at 14 and by 16 he was up to 6 hours a day. 

Along with his tenacious practice schedule, he also began studying music theory when he realized he wanted to be a bandleader. 

He auditioned and earned the NY All-State chair for the Jazz Ensemble directed by Fred Sturm in 1995-96. 

Arizona State soon offered him a full scholarship where he earned his degree in Jazz Performance. 

During his time at ASU Colin: 

-Studied Jazz and performed all throughout the city as a working professional 

-Studied music composition with Dr. James DeMars and Dr. Randall Shinn 

-Studied dance and dance choreography with several great teachers. 

-Became the first non-Chinese member of the Phoenix Chinese Art Ensemble conducted by Shangao Cai 


Colin credits Lao Cai with helping him learn about the world of Chinese orchestral music and traditional Chinese music. 



In 2004 Colin received a scholarship to study Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University. It was here that Colin finally became a bandleader. 

Colin founded "New Moon Orchestra" and led this group from 2004-07. 



The culmination of all O'Donohoe's studies was seen when he earned the title "World Maestro" by forming a large scale global orchestra. The group, Pangean Orchestra, included musicians from every continent as well as musicians that spanned the centuries. 


Pangean Orchestra is still performing to this day in Arizona. However, New York City was calling, and Colin needed to answer it. 



The World Maestro now resides in Manhattan. He composes music for TV and films. He performs with many people and groups including Dominic Chianese (Uncle Jr. from the Sopranos), Manhattan Samba, the Dempsey's Irish Seisiun, Pangean Orchestra, and as a solo artist as well. 


Instruments World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe plays 

Drum Set 



Udu Drum 

Irish Tin Whistle 

Native American Flutes 


... and yes, he's been known to sing from time to time. 


Accomplishments not noted in the bio - 

Colin's music has been used on many shows on many continents. 

The most famous show he has written for his "The Dr. Oz Show" 


Colin was a grant panelist in Cleveland Ohio for the CAC Arts panels in 2013 and 2014. 

Colin O'Donohoe was an "Arts Ambassador" during a Building Bridges program for the town of Gilbert AZ from 2010-2013. 

His work for the international community caught the attention of London Mayor Boris Johnson who invited him to a small invitation only even where the two discussed the arts in their cities.