Colin O'Donohoe

Becoming a World Maestro

The noted conductor of The Pangean Orchestra and New Moon Orchestra has been working professionally as a musician in several roles over the past 20 years. 

World Maestro Colin O’Donohoe has been composing, and performing internationally.  He has performed all over the world in countries ranging from Mongolia, South Korea, and Japan; to Turkey. 

His career began by working in studios as a drummer for Swing bands in the late 90s and skyrocketed into composing, performing, and conducting on many continents in a wide array of genres.  

In 2019 he earned the title of "Best Tin Whistle Player in Mongolia" after performing in the middle of the Gobi Desert on the back of a camel. 

He recently spent months  in Rio de Janeiro working with several major Samba schools including: Mangueira,  Porto da Pedra, and Inocentes de Belford Roxo. He performed in the famed Sambadrome during Carnival week as a Caixa Ritmista. Although he has already gained success as a leader of World Music, he decided to go to Brazil and begin from the bottom and learn from other masters to gain a deep understanding of Samba. 

Now, World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe is in Chandler Arizona USA. New videos and audio recordings from the past year's travels as well as new projects are being worked on from his studio in Arizona. 

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His passion for creating music started early in life, when barely a teenager at 14, he began studying with Rich Thompson from the Eastman School of Music.  From there, he attended the Arizona State University on scholarship, to earn a degree in Jazz Performance.  Even though Colin performs on a variety of traditional and cultural international musical instruments (and has even been known to sing occasionally), at heart he’ll always be a percussionist…which is where his musical journey began. 

His range of musical styles spans from several electronic compositions for television, to ensembles with cultural themes, to classical music for international orchestras.


World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe holds degrees from:
Arizona State University
Carnegie Mellon University
Scratch Academy 


The Pangean Orchestra 

Imagine thirty musicians from different countries performing on one stage. Some playing classical instruments, others playing traditional & cultural instruments from their homelands, performing with the goal of showing the world that walls can be broken down, that cultures at odds with each other, can come together with a message of music & peace.  Earning the title of “World Maestro”, Colin O’Donohoe brought these musicians together to forge a new evolution in music, and to spread a new message of possibility. 

Learn more on the Pangean Orchestra’s website.

Inaugural performance in Phoenix, AZ

Inaugural performance in Phoenix, AZ

In the recording studio

In the recording studio

Music for Television & Film 

If you live anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, across Europe, in Asia, or Australia, chances are that Colin’s music has at one time or another, been on your television.  A virtuoso in electronic composition, his music has been featured on popular television shows including “The Dr. Oz Show”, “Good Morning America”, and “Access Hollywood”.

Commissioned Works 

Colin’s talent has been in demand worldwide, and he has created original works for international notables including, Sri Lankan singer, Ruksham Mark, the Indonesian film “Earthbound”, directed by Robin Shou, and one of his latest, a newly commissioned work for the Kusadasi Orchestra, in Turkey.