Bio for World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe

Becoming a World Maestro

(on left: Colin O'Donohoe playing a tin whistle on a camel in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia!)


Colin O’Donohoe’s diverse musical styles span through many genres. In 2010 his orchestra “The Pangean Orchestra” united instruments and musicians from around the world. It gained international recognition to where he was nicknamed “World Maestro”.  

Throughout the next 10 years, Colin continued working as a composer and conductor. He focused his skills mainly on music for TV and left behind the work of releasing albums.  

In 2017, the World Maestro Colin O’Donohoe relocated to Turkey. After falling in love with the country (and a woman from that country) he decided to spend much of the next three years composing music there.  

In 2018 Colin O’Donohoe received a prestigious commission from a classical Turkish orchestra to compose a large-scale work that was then premiered under the stars in an Ottoman castle built by Captain Barbarossa.  

Colin is an expert drummer in addition to his composition and band leadership. 2019 continued to enchant  as he was invited to perform and record in many countries including: Japan, S. Korea, Mongolia, Turkey, and the USA.  

Before the major outbreak of Covid-19, O’Donohoe was continuing to perform internationally. He worked beside Mestre Pablo Gabriel of Porto da Pedra in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He played in front of millions before returning to the USA where he is currently composing and producing during the pandemic. 

World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe holds degrees from: 
Arizona State University 
Carnegie Mellon University 
Scratch Academy 


The Pangean Orchestra 

Imagine thirty musicians from different countries performing on one stage. Some playing classical instruments, others playing traditional & cultural instruments from their homelands, performing with the goal of showing the world that walls can be broken down, that cultures at odds with each other, can come together with a message of music & peace.  Earning the title of “World Maestro”, Colin O’Donohoe brought these musicians together to forge a new evolution in music, and to spread a new message of possibility. 

Learn more on the Pangean Orchestra’s website.

Inaugural performance in Phoenix, AZ

Inaugural performance in Phoenix, AZ

In the recording studio

In the recording studio

Music for Television & Film 

If you live anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, across Europe, in Asia, or Australia, chances are that Colin’s music has at one time or another, been on your television.  A virtuoso in electronic composition, his music has been featured on popular television shows including “The Dr. Oz Show”, “Good Morning America”, and “Access Hollywood”.

Commissioned Works 

Colin’s talent has been in demand worldwide, and he has created original works for international notables including, Sri Lankan singer, Ruksham Mark, the Indonesian film “Earthbound”, directed by Robin Shou, and one of his latest, a newly commissioned work for the Kusadasi Orchestra, in Turkey.